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USMD Women's Health: Your health comes first

Discover how USMD helps keep you independently healthy.

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Women's Health

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- What does it mean

to be independently healthy?

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- It means doctors who always

put my health first.

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- It means getting an appointment

on my schedule,

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not theirs.

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- It means getting my test results

right away

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so I spend less time worrying.

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- It means always being treated like

the strong, smart, independent woman I am.

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- USMD Women's Health Services.

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Independently healthy.


Respectful women's health starts with physician-led care. When you trust a USMD women's health care doctor you'll see firsthand how USMD's physician-led approach can impact not just your treatment and experience, but also your quality of life.

At USMD, patients always come first. This means getting appointments on your schedule, not ours, and ensuring your needs are at the center of all decisions. Our doctors always focus on what is best for you. At USMD, we strive to keep you an independently healthy woman. 

Our focus is always on your needs

Appointments on your schedule, not ours

Your time is valuable. That's why at USMD we offer you appointments on your schedule, not ours. We also offer online appointment scheduling so you can book your appointment 24 hours a day,  7 days a week at your convenience.

Getting test results right away

We understand waiting for test results can be stressful. Our doctors provide results that are as accurate as possible as quickly as possible. This means we can work with you on a care plan right away.

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