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Caring for patients in nearly 20 different specialties

USMD providers care for patients across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in nearly 20 different specialties. From primary care to cardiology, pediatrics to obstetrics and gynecology, we have a provider who is right for you.



Bariatric surgery

We offer weight-loss surgery using a range of surgical techniques: gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and conversion surgery.

Breast disease and surgery

We offer surgical care for breast disorders, including breast cancer.



We offer care for disorders of the heart and blood vessels.

Cancer care

We offer care for all forms of adult cancer.



Family medicine

We care for all members of the family — infants, women, men and children.


General surgery

We offer a wide range of surgical care to patients ages 16 and older. Procedures include thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, gallbladder, hernia, hemorrhoid and skin cancer surgeries. We also do minor office-based surgeries.

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Geriatric medicine

We care for adults age 65 and over. Our SeniorCare program is designed to help seniors get the right care at the right time and in the right place.



Imaging Center at Arlington

We offer a full range of leading-edge imaging services.

Imaging Center at Clearfork

We offer a full range of advanced imaging services.

Imaging Center for Breast Health

Take care of your mammograms and breast diagnostics — without the stress. Our private rooms and warm staff will keep you comfortable. Our specialized technologists and advanced capabilities will give you answers and peace of mind.

Internal medicine

We care for adults and serve your health care needs throughout your life — from as early as age 18 through your senior years.




We offer care for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system.




We help (or care for) women through pregnancy and childbirth. If you're expecting, read Great Expectations. It answers some of the most common pregnancy questions.

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We care for children from birth through age 18.



Radiation oncology

We offer image-guided radiation therapy for prostate cancer. There's virtually no pain, no incisions and very little recovery time.


We care for diseases of the joints, muscles and bones. Disorders include arthritis (joint pain and swelling) lupus, osteoporosis and tendinitis.



Sports medicine

We care for sports and exercise-related injuries.



Travel medicine

Travel medicine includes a travel clinic, where we offer vaccines, medicine, medical supplies and country-specific advice. The clinic also has an on-site lab.




We offer care for the urinary system (male and female) and the male reproductive system. We care for problems such as incontinence, impotence, prostate disorders and prostate cancer.


Vascular surgery

We offer surgical care for problems with the arteries, veins and lymph system.





Video visits

Need care but can’t make it to the clinic? MyHealthTeam, a new service from USMD, lets you have a face-to-face video visit with your provider from home, work or on the go.